Learning To Count EP

This second EP from Sonical ventures into the land of less travelled time signatures, using different odd time signatures as a rhythmical base. The works express themselves through a variety of moods – digital hardcore metal parody (Cheating Death), cartoonbeat (Toothy), abstract orientalism (Sevenost) and industrial warehouse noisybeat (Take It Again). All are underpinned with solid subsonics and bunker-club- ready muscular fake 909s. Learning To Count is firmly in the adventurous beat camp, with tongue firmly in gena.

One liners…..
Toothy – Derived from sketchy memories of the 70s english cartoon “Roobarb & Custard”
Take 5 – Disgruntled metal factory worker
Sevenost – Turkish musician from 2090 battles the elastic baseline
Cheating Death – Sword wielding nordic fantasy character duels lightning atop a mountain

Get your tap shoes on & cut a mean-ass figure on the dancefloor to “Learning To Count”.

Can be purchased via Juno or most major online stores. Google is your friend 🙂
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