Supercollisions EP on Adastra Recordings

Inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Iain Banks, Sonical’s composition, LockerX, from the new SuperCollisions EP, is an elegant amalgam of the Kurzweilian Singularity and non-Euclidean geometry. LockerX is beautifully brought to life with a striking three-dimensional animation of a dystopian future set in the Boötes Constellation – a sonical and visual expression of a technological supraorganism that lends itself to introspective transformation.

Phi, also known as the “golden ratio” or the “golden mean”, was used to generate the sounds in SuperCollider, which is a programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. The golden mean appears in all forms of science and nature, and has been used by mankind for centuries in architecture. For Sonical, the application of the golden ratio to aspects of sound was a fundamentally organic step in the evolution of his compositions.

Sonical – Locker X from Brian May on Vimeo.

Tracks: Locker X, Tumbler, LeakDC 90, Dynamo

Release date: Dec 14 2015 on Adastra Recordings

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