Brian May has been disseminating (via radio), producing and performing music across Australia, Japan, Europe and North America since 1990. During the 90s he was also a research scientist for the Australian Government at the CSIRO.

He is currently working as a music producer & sound artist in Berlin, releasing and performing compositions internationally on a regular basis.


Notable Exhibitions and installations

2015       Sonic Network no. 14, Gallery 9, Sydney, AU

2015       Sonic Network no. 14, non stop audio broadcast on Cashmere radio Berlin

2014       Sonic Network no.14, ANU Drill Hall, Canberra, AU

2013       Sonic Network no.12, Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, DE

2013       Sonic Network no.13, Gallery 9, Sydney, AU

2012       Sonic Network no.8, Substation, Melbourne, AU

2012       Sonic Network no.9, Kunsthalle, Beacon, New York, USA

2012       Sonic Network no.9, White Box, New York, USA

2011       Sonic Network no.9, dr. julius | ap, Berlin, DE


Public Commissions

2012       Sonic Network no.11 (permanent installation) Hamer Hall, Melbourne, AU


Selected Publications

‘Colour Music’ (Anthony Oates, Australian National University 2014)

‘Sound Spheres’ (Marguerite Brown, Art Monthly no.273 2014)

‘Austral Avenue: An experiment in living with art’  (Jane O’Neill, Emblem 2012)

‘Simple subtle sustained waveforms and the notion of comfort in a new approach to creating an immersive, interactive sound installation’ (Darren W. Steffen, University of Melbourne 2012)


Notable Performances

2015     Wax Treatment (DE)

2014     Harvest festival (CA)

2013     Fusion festival, AU & CA tours

2011     Glastonbury (UK), Exit (SR), Fusion (DE) festivals.

2010     Fusion, 3000° festivals (DE). EU wide shows

2007     EU tour, Bellingen Carnival (AU)

2006     EU tour, Voov (DE), Submerge (AU) festivals.

2002-4   Performances in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya (JP)

2001   Electrofringe festival (AU) – performance and artist talk


Contact: sonical °at° gmail <dot> com

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